Forensic Science Education Materials

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Put Your Students On The Case With Forensic Science Education Supplies

If you've got a class full of Nancy Drews or Hardy Boys, forensics supplies will help solve the case of the missing student enthusiasm! Your classroom's own CSI team will be engaged in no time. Since forensic science education is becoming more common in school curriculums, you'll need to be prepared with plenty of exciting materials. At Educational Innovations, we carry forensic and crime scene kits as well as forensic software and resources, plus many other forensic teaching supplies and more.

Do your student sleuths want to learn about blood types for crime solving? With our Simulated Blood Typing Kit, they can do so in the safety of your classroom. Or, maybe they're ready to nail down some fingerprinting techniques -- Zephyr Fingerprint Supplies and standard FBI Fingerprint Cards are perfect. See how much they can discover with the right tools too, like a Long Wave UV Flashlight. We've got all of the forensics supplies you need to satisfy the detectives in your class. Need some more case-cracking ideas? Check out our blog to see how forensic science education can be fun and informative!