We specialize in building kits for your students!

Let us build individual science kits for your students. No job is too large... or too small! We'll source the materials, build the kits, and ship them out to you or directly to your students' homes. We've built and shipped thousands of unique kits for:

  • STEM programs & camps
  • museum & library programs
  • independent schools
  • home school co-ops
  • large school districts
  • single classrooms
  • national universities
  • and even Fermilab!
Germ Transmission Lab

DNA Extraction Lab
Whether you're teaching face-to-face, remotely, or even if your kids are working independently, our pre-made and custom kits bring science to life.

We have it all.

And if it's not in our catalog, we can get it. Read our blog for more details! Our staff is ready to build whatever your students need to succeed. Just send us a note at info@TeacherSource.com and we'll take it from there!

Scroll down for some examples of recent kits we've produced.

"The kits I have received so far are great! I'm so happy and I know the teachers will be too!

One of our instructors signed up for a workshop through another organization that also had a kit of materials - and she said we won with ours, not even a close contest!

Thank you and the staff at EI for all that was done to get these together and out the door. Excited to put them to use!!"

- Amanda E., Fermi Lab

Disease Prevention Lab

Going Viral

Our Frenemy Bacteria

General Supplies
DNA: Decoding Life

What is Life?
Garden in a Glove

Buzz Buzz
What Did You Eat?

Lighting the Way
Pitch Perfect

Up, Up, and Away
City Structures

Exploring Electricity and Magnetism