Free DIY Science Videos

Stuck at home? We're busy creating a series of videos so that students (and parents) can keep science going at home. Read on for descriptions of these simple experiments, which can be done with common household materials. Each video walks you through the steps for a unique set of science activities. And stop by again soon - more videos will be posted in the weeks ahead!

The Think Tube

How sharp are your observation skills? Are you good at predicting what's going to happen next? Watch this video and see if you can figure out the secret to the Think Tube. Then, grab some string and a paper towel (or toilet paper) tube, and try to recreate the puzzle on your own!

The Properties of Water: Siphons

Explore some of the wonders of water. Today's lesson looks at hydrogen bonding and surface tension. These are simple, fun experiments you can conduct at your kitchen table. Get ready to be amazed!

The Properties of Water: Surface Tension

Explore some more of water's interesting properties. Today's simple lesson deals with siphons, surface tension, and capillary action. These are activities you can do using easy-to-find materials you have around your home. You can conduct this science experiment right at your kitchen table.