Backyard Brains Webinar

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With our Backyard Brains kits, students from elementary to high school learn about the brain and nervous system. They perform the same experiments that university researchers do... but at a fraction of the price!

-  Discover how your K-12 students can perform REAL neuroscience and biofeedback experiments.

-  Learn how to bring REAL mind control into your classroom as you teach your students to create their own brain-controller robotics and cyborgs!

-  Find out more about these hands-on, minds-on, ground-breaking neuroscience kits in our blogs.

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A Human-to-Human Interface ($259.95 value) will be given away to one lucky participant at the end of the webinar!

ABOUT THE PRESENTER:  Will Wharton has worked with Backyard Brains for more than six years. He has written neuroscience experiments and curriculum for K-12 teachers, developed new products, and given talks and demonstrations around the world. His enthusiasm for neuroscience education is contagious, so don't miss this opportunity to learn from one of the leaders in the world of DIY Neuroscience!

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