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  • Dazzlinks Cardboard Classroom Pack

    Dazzlinks Cardboard Classroom Pack

    230 cardboard pieces, 400 brads/fasteners and instructions.
  • Dazzlinks Beams Small Group

    Dazzlinks Beams Small Group

    The Dazzlinks Beams Small Group Kit is suitable for 6-8 people.
  • Dazzlinks Building Kits

    Dazzlinks Building Kits

    Click here to see all of our Dazzlinks products! Read More »
  • Dazzlinks Inventor Plastic Set

    Dazzlinks Inventor Plastic Set

    The Inventors Kit consists of an assortment of pieces, a total of 46 DazzLinks. The set also includes 75...
  • Dazzlinks Plastic Classroom Pack

    Dazzlinks Plastic Classroom Pack

    Want to construct the sturdiest DazzLinks creations ever? Try the Plastic Classroom Set. You'll get 230 plastic...
  • Dazzlinks Beams Classroom Kit

    Dazzlinks Beams Classroom Kit

    The Beams Classroom Kit is suitable for 20+ people.
  • Dazzlinks Beams Individual Kit

    Dazzlinks Beams Individual Kit

    The Dazzlinks Beams Individual Kit is suitable for 1-3 people.
  • Dazzlinks Inventor Cardboard Set

    Dazzlinks Inventor Cardboard Set

    46 cardboard pieces, 75 brads/fasteners, and instructions.